Welcome to our worldly website This website is long overdue, as of Legality is in Question in most States, Now we have Cannabis College, Growing Schools popping up all over. Why is obvious, Money ! and lots of it. The biggest problem is, it is still Federally illegal. This is a travesty. There are uncountable logical reasons and uses for Marijuana. Just watch the news. The show called "WEED" has opened the door to real uses and Treatments using Cannabis and derivatives. Read on ! Leave out your pre-conceptions of Marijuana - Weed - Grass Whatever you want to call it. The Public has been so misinformed about Cannabis leading to a gateway , Get real ,The gateway has always been there in the form of Alcohol !  Which is a major Killer ! That just seems to be talked about daily but nothing is really done about it, Except another gas station on the corner which will result in More Alcohol ,But you get a couple of bad apples that act crazy and make bad decisions. that gives the feds more fire power against Legalization ! So if you really want this . Be discreet never smoke near Kids. Be responsible and then the fed may finally trust it and make it Legal for Recreation. If you want that , Smokers have to be more Discreet instead of standing in front of a cell phone taking a selfy This is not at all what we stand for . We stand for Mature use governed like Alcohol , And of course lets not forget Our national Debt , could sure use the Tax money.  no matter what type of Medication is released there is always someone who will take things to far ruining it for the rest of us . Here we will address some of the preconceptions about the use of This Plant !

Most of these could be replaced with a Marijuana Cigarette, Or Marinol the Drug version ! and of course Marinol is produced by Pharmaceutical Companies, Hypocrites ! Do you really want to pop unnecessary pills. Read more about Cannabis and some benefits here

           Marijuana is in the News daily It will be a fast moving Topic after all the Medical Community , Has discounted it and Labeled it a DRUG ! Well, try telling that to the Parents and Children of the many who undergo seizures on a Daily basis. Think about a Drug that could not be produced for practically nothing. Now you can see why a Pharmaceutical Company would fight against legalization or even admit that it is noted for many type of treatments. Unless they can Process it first. (that's where the money comes in). The key for this to ever work correctly Cannabis users need to approach with a Mature sense of using in moderation. But what you really want to know is "What are Medical benefits - Drawbacks - Uses that are real and successful. And a unbiased opinions by Users and Non - users but for obvious Legal reasons for the time being we will try to give as much information and latest Medical uses as you can see on the right it is a plant that This Illegal supposedly addictive gateway was BAD for you and causes this and that. But its O.K to manipulate gods great plant and then call it Legal. And of course sell a weed that was just as good before being processed and manipulated for a ridicules price. This well definitely contribute to the problem. This plant, weed , whatever you want to call it can be grown by any person that Knows how to take care of any plant. Check this out Marijuana Can Yield a Very High Profit for Drug companies , Basically Turn that into a pile of sales with enormous profits . If it is to be a Commercial Business , It needs to be regulated just like Alcohol. For those who remember Prohibition , It was like being a Drug Dealer if you sold Moonshine. But now years later it is on every corner store around , It seems O.K to sell a Drug ( Alcohol ) even with the devastating results such as DUI Manslaughter or some other ridicules stunt that the drunk guy does, Oh don't forget the Medical problems such as Liver failure - Diabetes - Ulcers etc. for more info on alcohol damage Here. Compare that to Marijuana and it seems Logical it may be a great advantage. For those who had the pleasure of the 60s and 70s , It was a much more peaceful world , And to be honest the Violent Crimes against the average person were lower. Sit back and burn one and see if you feel like fighting or committing a crime ? Hell no. Now with Pills - Pharmaceuticals you got Idiots robbing Drug stores and Elderly people coming right out of the store. Now what kind of shit is that ? Between the Comparison I Know which one is for me. Now lets take a serious look at the debate, On one side you have people that just can not seem to accept it, for what it can do the first thing that pops into a Non Smoker is that they believe If you smoke pot you must be a drug addict , We remember back in day that was exactly what We experienced as smokers ,and incidentally it did not leave most of us wanting other Drugs, and it took away the desire to Binge Drink. Every person should have their choice and think about doing what you can to get it Legal in all States. For information and the reasoning behind this you can read more here

Now if the Feds will Just legalize it, the Dispensaries can Deposit the Tax Money. At this time ( 6/14 ) Banks will not accept it and consider it Money Laundering ! This could lead to problems as you can imagine . It can not be un - managed or Un-regulated it could be easy to hide the TAX MONEY if the Dispensaries just stick the cash in their pocket or a cigar box . Who's watching the TAX MONEY or the STASH ?????